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The museum
A picture is worth a thousand words...
1st-Jan-2030 11:00 pm - W e l c o m e.

You have entered the artistic blog of one L.M.Francis , also known as kakumei_tenjou. Here you will find artistic works using a variety of different medias. Her main artistic style of interest is anime but she also tries to apply that "artistic eye" to webpage and blog designs. If you want to know what kind of media she uses to create her artwork , you need to check her profile page or just ask her as she is more then willing to reveal some of her secrets!

Now for a little trivia information...

o1. Ms. Francis has been drawing since she was 4 years old.
o2. Ms. Francis has been drawing anime since the age of 10.
o3. Ms. Francis is mostly self-taught in terms of her drawing ability , but she really wants to go to an art school or take some sort of class to improve.
o4. Ms. Francis wants to/intends to sell her artwork/make some sort of manga/do something with her art one of these days!

And lastly some links...

o1. kakumei_tenjou is the actual blog of L.M. Francis.
o2. Utena-Tenjou10 is her deviantArt username!
o3. Check kakumei_tenjou for other links too!
o4. Here are some of the blog layouts she has designed.

Hopefully you will enjoy the artistic pieces that Ms.Francis posts here. She loves reading people's comments and feed back so feel free to comment. Of course you can add this journal to your friends list or friend her at kakumei_tenjou. Thank you and have a nice day.

14th-Sep-2009 08:23 pm - Moving!

Seeing as I don't use update this place as often as I used to and the fact that I have a website with a blog that I upload sketches and wip's to, I might as well close this blog. Even better, I'll use this blog as an archive for all my older stuff. Now of course this could all change if I became tired of wordpress/changed webhosts or whatever.

Once again to reiterate, no moar artz here! Look here! And there's also deviantArt and || Tranquil★Solace ||! But before I go...

Have a wip!Collapse )

And finally...

Have some cg art for the road!Collapse )

And that's it! So head over to the site blog for more artistic goodies!

20th-Feb-2009 08:42 pm - And now for something...
...completely different. Okay so if you've been following this sketchblog since it started in 2005, you've seen sketches, doodles, works in progress, and whatever is the end result of putting pencil or pen to paper. But never once, photos...I'm about to change that, right now. So you've seen the end result of working on art right? Well now let's take a look at the things that are used to make said art...

Only the poor workman blames his tools...Collapse )

Alright you've seen what I work with, now it's work in progress time!

An idea that will lead to something...I hope.Collapse )

And last but not least...

I will finish these before I turn 30...or die trying.Collapse )

And here you have it, want to finish at least one of those images and then finally work on some gift art I owe people, all while trying to not be driven insane by school and my oh so non stress inducing job D:! So that's it for now, more to come hopefully soon!

27th-Dec-2008 05:27 pm - Long overdue...
What a fitting name, I really wish I had more time to update this blog, I almost debate whether or not to make my sketch/wip posts over at my new site's blog section...but for me to do that, I would actually need to have FREE TIME to work on new art and things like that >_> and also, still love livejournal and this little blog*squeeze*. But anyways, I'll save my rants about my lovely job for kakumei_tenjou, now is a time for ART! So it's been a little while since my last post and I'm sure you're wondering what I've been up to artistically. Well I launched my site on November 25th and I'm quite proud of that, seeing an idea and a dream come to reality always feels good...

Splash! All the cool sites have splash images..Collapse )

So in deviantart, I wanted a new avatar to replace the one I had for halloween...you know what happened next...

This aint yo' grandma's photoshop son!Collapse )

So I had my site going for a little while, and every time I looked at it, I wasn't too happy. For one I tried using Dreamweaver's template option to quickly make my pages. Now I'm not sure if it's because I FAIL or am a n00b at making sites still, but everytime a section would load, the images that would make up the layout would take their sweet time to show up. That and the simpleness of the layout made me decide for a change...

They say inspiration comes from many places. For me it was a tutorial...Collapse )

With slices ready, css files written, it was time to rebuild tranquil solace, and the first thing up was the index page...


So while working on that, Christmas came and went....

Season's greetings everyone!Collapse )

Hopefully this makes up for my little abscence, as always, forgive me :(. In the mean time, enjoy the artistic goodies for that's all for now!

8th-Oct-2008 10:34 pm - All of this, for a little site!
Boy oh boy, it seems like there's never enough time to work on anything anymore. And any free time I do have feels like precious stolen moments...good grief, I need another job, just check the friends locked entries over at kakumei_tenjou. But I shall worry about my job woes later, for now, I give you ART!

With each page, I am closer to completion!Collapse )

So help me God I will get this site finished, come hell or high water. I'd say I'm about 60-70% done(maybe) unless I see or read about some kind of feature that I want to put in. Sometimes, I hate being a perfectionist...

So one one of the nights that I wasn't plagued by work, I picked up the sketchbook, with the intension of...

Making a little something for halloween!Collapse )

So I'm part of a certain RO server, hell I GM on that certain server. And yesterday, I felt the need for a change in my forum avatar and signature...so...

Old things made new again.Collapse )

Also that same server is going to be hosting a RO2 server and as such we have a special forum for Ragnarok Online 2...

More avatars than you can shake a stick at!Collapse )

So that's all the art for now, I should go work on something, so see you!

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