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The museum

A picture is worth a thousand words...

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You have stumbled acros the artblog of kakumei_tenjou! Here you'll see sketches , older art work , traditional art , oekaki stuff and digital works. The theme for each art piece is mostly anime and fan art related. Some times you might see some "experiments" on different colouring/drawing techniques or totally different drawing styles eg. moe[aka cutesy] anime , anthropomorphic[anthro] art and maybe , just maybe , I'll toss in some dark stuff and photography...mind you the photos aren't professional looking just snapshots of different stuff.


Mostly japanese anime styled(anime) works , drawn in the moe or "cutesy" stye[If you have no idea what I am talking about look it up on wikipedia!]. I make drawings of my own original characters but also fan art featuring[at least I would like to make more fan art]:

♥ Revolutionary Girl Utena(Mostly Utena Tenjou , she's one of my favourite characters!)
♥ Naruto(Everyone's favourite effiminate uke boy Haku!)
♥ Sailor Moon[an oldie but a goodie!](Good ol' Sailor Venus is a favourite to draw.)
♥ Bleach-Got to practise drawing the characters!(Rukia and Orihime are kinda cute.)
♥ GundamSeeD-Got to practise drawing the characters and those damn Gundams...*sigh*(Athrun and Kira of course.)
♥ Ragnarok Online fanart(I just love that game so much!)
♥ Original characters(I have a few in the making that I'm trying to develop!)

And possibly any other show that comes to my mind.


When I create my artwork , I mostly use:

♥ 0.5 or 0.7 mechanical pencil and a sturdy eraser
♥ Staedtler triplus fineliners (ranging from 0.1-1mm in width)
♥ Pilot fineliners/pigmentliners (ranging from 0.1-0.8mm in width)
♥ Good ol' fashioned printer paper or this carboardish paper in my sketchbook
♥ Prismacolour pencils
♥ Prismacolour markers(I only have 65! I wouldn't mind trying out copics.)
♥ Adobe Photoshop 7.0
♥ Adobe Photoshop CS2
♥ Adobe Photoshop CS3
♥ openCanvas 1.1
♥ Corel Painter IX.5
♥ Wacom graphire 3 tablet
♥ Wacom bamboo fun tablet
♥ A computer...can't do much digital art with out it :p!
♥ ShiPainter Pro for oekakis


Of course it goes with out saying that you do not steal , repost , edit or change the pictures in any way without kindly asking for my permission. Now I'm not claiming to be any kind of professional and I know that there's stuff I need to work on but the last thing I need is when I do get everything down packed and I've made something that took a lot of time and energy , for someone to go and steal it! That ISN'T HOW PEOPLE LEARN TO DRAW! You just have to practise , practise , practise and practise x 10^80 times in order to get really good at art or anything in life. With all that said let's get to the actual art! If you want to see actual journal entries go to my actual journal and if you want to see more art go here. You can add this journal to your friends list if you want to see my current works in progress , I try to up date this blog at least once or twice every week to week and a half. I hope you like the artwork as much as I like creating it!